Don Mills Mon Oct 22

What we did >>

- How chords are made (refer to sheets)
- Keys and the I  IV  V  and VI chords - Songs with 1 5 6 4 chord progression are I'm Yours (Jason Mraz), I'm Your Man (James Blunt), Country Roads (John Denver), and loads of others.
[ see the VIDEO BELOW on the 4 chord songs, it is a medley of songs with this chord progression.
[ also check out the VIDEO BELOW of 21 Beatles songs with the chords A D and E. (I, VI and V) ]

- Descending bass line from the "I" to the Relative Minor C to Am, playing a B passing note.
 [I am going to make a video of this as soon as I can]. Songs that use this: Stand By Me, Piano Man, Landslide, In My Life (Beatles), and so many others.
- Play the same descending bass line from G to Em

- Keep practising Walk Don't Run (chords and melody) and Ain't No Sunshine. The videos for those are on the other lesson post.