Nadine, Damage Done, Peter Gunn

Needle and the Damage Done - Neil Young - Here is Justin showing you exactly how to play this. 

Nadine Chuck Berry - This is in the key of Bb but listen for the bass line and the "riff". We are playing it in the key of A.

 Peter Gun Theme - Key of E 

Blues with Everything

Blues with Everything - 12 bar blues with repeating riff melody in a VERY COMMON GUITAR SHAPE. (Tip - it's the very same shape you will use to play the intro for Johnny B. Goode)

Note: Remember to play only D7 where it says Am7 D9. (play D9 if you want)


  1. Mixolydian scale = Major scale (dough ray mee..) with a flatted 7th step (b7).
    The Major scale (dough ray mee..) with a flatted 7th step (b7) is called the Mixolydian scale.
    This is the scale you use over a "7" chord, a.k.a. "b7" or "flattened 7". That's because it's the MAJOR SCALE'S 7th STEP FLATTENED.

    G major scale = G  A  B  C  D  E  F#  G etc..
    G major scale with a flatted 7th step = G  A  B  C  D  E  F  G etc.. That's F (natural)
    This is a natural sign . Unfortunately there's no web text character>>
  2. Blues note (Flated 3rd), the slide is a slide into the 3rd of the chord
  3. What the b7 sounds like
  4. A common riff that repeats (8th fret for C7, 10th fret for D7)
Here's the Blues with Everything tune, Key of G
(ignore any reference to Am7D9 or stuff we haven't studied). Just try to play the melody and be aware of the
1) CHORD SHAPE out of which the melody is played *,
2) 12-bar blues chord progression.

* That's an important concept.

These Boots are Made for Walking and Landslide

These Boots are Made for Walkin  Nancy Sinatra
This is in the Key of F. If you want to play along, the descending line starts on F and the chords are F Ab and Bb7. But don't worry, just practice the song in the Key of E like we did in class.

There are some other cool things we can play on guitar for this song too!

Landslide Fleetwood Mac
This is in the Key of Bb. The first descending pattern starts on Eb moving down and back up again, then the chorus does the full chord progression. We can't play it right now in this key but listen to the chord movement, try to play just the descending bass lines (and forget about the chords), then practice the chord progression I showed you until it's nice and fluid. Then you can use it (or a part of it) when you hear it in a song.
The verse starts with the pattern going down from F and the chorus uses the pattern that starts on C.

Don Mills Mon Oct 29

What we did:

1) Review of 5 chords, 7 chords and all of that.

2) Songs
Walk Don't Run - See the videos down this page
When I'm 64 - using basic chords, then added some other chords. Play both ways so you hear it.

Homework: Practice Ain't No Sunshine, we'll be playing it next week.

3) Quiz 1
If you weren't at class and didn't receive the quiz, check back here later, I'll put it online here. I want you to fill it out, take your time and figure out the answers. There is no grade, only learning.
Note regarding the Quiz 1
If you have the Quiz but don't have a copy of the Ode to Joy sheet then you don't have to answer the Ode to Joy question.

See you!

Don Mills Mon Oct 22

What we did >>

- How chords are made (refer to sheets)
- Keys and the I  IV  V  and VI chords - Songs with 1 5 6 4 chord progression are I'm Yours (Jason Mraz), I'm Your Man (James Blunt), Country Roads (John Denver), and loads of others.
[ see the VIDEO BELOW on the 4 chord songs, it is a medley of songs with this chord progression.
[ also check out the VIDEO BELOW of 21 Beatles songs with the chords A D and E. (I, VI and V) ]

- Descending bass line from the "I" to the Relative Minor C to Am, playing a B passing note.
 [I am going to make a video of this as soon as I can]. Songs that use this: Stand By Me, Piano Man, Landslide, In My Life (Beatles), and so many others.
- Play the same descending bass line from G to Em

- Keep practising Walk Don't Run (chords and melody) and Ain't No Sunshine. The videos for those are on the other lesson post.

3 Chord Songs - 21 Easy Beatles Songs

3 Chord Songs - 21 Easy Beatles songs