These Boots are Made for Walking and Landslide

These Boots are Made for Walkin  Nancy Sinatra
This is in the Key of F. If you want to play along, the descending line starts on F and the chords are F Ab and Bb7. But don't worry, just practice the song in the Key of E like we did in class.

There are some other cool things we can play on guitar for this song too!

Landslide Fleetwood Mac
This is in the Key of Bb. The first descending pattern starts on Eb moving down and back up again, then the chorus does the full chord progression. We can't play it right now in this key but listen to the chord movement, try to play just the descending bass lines (and forget about the chords), then practice the chord progression I showed you until it's nice and fluid. Then you can use it (or a part of it) when you hear it in a song.
The verse starts with the pattern going down from F and the chorus uses the pattern that starts on C.