Blues with Everything

Blues with Everything - 12 bar blues with repeating riff melody in a VERY COMMON GUITAR SHAPE. (Tip - it's the very same shape you will use to play the intro for Johnny B. Goode)

Note: Remember to play only D7 where it says Am7 D9. (play D9 if you want)


  1. Mixolydian scale = Major scale (dough ray mee..) with a flatted 7th step (b7).
    The Major scale (dough ray mee..) with a flatted 7th step (b7) is called the Mixolydian scale.
    This is the scale you use over a "7" chord, a.k.a. "b7" or "flattened 7". That's because it's the MAJOR SCALE'S 7th STEP FLATTENED.

    G major scale = G  A  B  C  D  E  F#  G etc..
    G major scale with a flatted 7th step = G  A  B  C  D  E  F  G etc.. That's F (natural)
    This is a natural sign . Unfortunately there's no web text character>>
  2. Blues note (Flated 3rd), the slide is a slide into the 3rd of the chord
  3. What the b7 sounds like
  4. A common riff that repeats (8th fret for C7, 10th fret for D7)
Here's the Blues with Everything tune, Key of G
(ignore any reference to Am7D9 or stuff we haven't studied). Just try to play the melody and be aware of the
1) CHORD SHAPE out of which the melody is played *,
2) 12-bar blues chord progression.

* That's an important concept.